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Redy for the Reopening? May 1, 2020

Harriman, Orange
Redy for the Reopening?, Harriman, New York

Hi, I hope you, your family and all your closed ones are doing well. 

As governments all across the country are preparing to lift the Stay Home and Lock Down policies and get the United States Business to start to reopen, we wanted to inform you that we are fully ready to accept your Standup Pouch or any other Flexible Packaging order so you can be fully up and running the minute the business industry reopens fully.

Now is the right time to finalize the artworks, and all the technical details which is hard and difficult to do when the business is fully operational.

Please feel free to reach out to us at info@rubeeflexpkg.com, let discuss and finalize best pricing for you, become a part of the Rubee Team and experience our Quality & Integrity which meets low pricing…!

Stay safe and well,

Reuven Glanz


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