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How to Build a Vast Network on LinkedIn May 26, 2020

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How to Build a Vast Network on LinkedIn, Manhattan, New York

If you own a private practice, it’s wise to take advantage of LinkedIn. This social networking site caters to professionals who want to expand their outreach and connect with other like-minded individuals in their field. Whether you’re hoping to secure more referrals or find a practitioner with whom to collaborate, any strategic business coaching service provider will direct you to LinkedIn first. To start building your digital network, follow these simple tips.  

3 Tips for Building a Quality Network on LinkedIn

1. Make Connections With Real People

Considering LinkedIn has almost 700 million members spread across more than 200 countries and territories, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed upon joining. Starting your professional network doesn’t have to be a highly complicated task, though. First, reach out to people you already know, like colleagues and old classmates. Second, accept connections from those who reach out to you, as long as they appear legitimate. Signs of spam profiles include no image (or an obvious stock photo), glaring typos, and few details about their credentials or work history. 

2. Share Content You Care About 

business coaching servicesPosting articles, videos, and other high-quality content will let followers and connections know what you value, where you stand on various issues, and how passionate you are about your field. And sharing content regularly will position you as an expert (especially if it’s content you created), ensure visibility, and engage other users. 

3. Foster the Connections You Do Make 

Business coaching services are virtually useless if you don’t take actionable steps to use what you learn. LinkedIn is the same way in that building a network is far from a passive activity. At the end of the day, your connections are only as strong as the relationships you build. Once you connect with someone, make it a point to engage with them in some way. You can do so by commenting on their content, for example, or reaching out and proposing some kind of collaboration that benefits you both. 


When it comes to ensuring the success of your practice, building a network on LinkedIn is just one component. For help with all the other components, turn to Metro Collaborative. Operating out of New York City, this health care networking group offers comprehensive business coaching services for clinicians across all specialties. They also host peer-to-peer dinners and leadership retreats for their members to connect with one another. To learn more about their business coaching services, visit their website or call (609) 876-9163. 

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