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A Brief History of Brunch June 26, 2020

Downtown Paterson, Paterson
A Brief History of Brunch, Paterson, New Jersey

Brunch is associated with many things: Sunday Funday with your friends, piles of fresh waffles and crispy bacon, and plenty of mimosas. But do you know how the breakfast/lunch hybrid began? Here’s a brief history of how your favorite weekly tradition gained popularity.

How Brunch Came to Be

brunchWhile you’d think this social, lavish meal was created in America, the term “brunch” was reportedly coined in Great Britain in an 1895 issue of Hunter’s Weekly. Brunch originally took the form of upper-class hunting luncheons with port wine and poached stuffed chicken instead of the eggs Benedict dishes and Bloody Marys that are popular today.

The trend eventually reached American soil, specifically Chicago, in the 1930s as an option for wealthy businessmen and Hollywood stars traveling cross-country by rail. Most restaurants were closed on Sunday back in the day, but local properties like the Ambassador Hotel would open their restaurants for guests craving a sophisticated late-morning meal before continuing their transcontinental journey. 

Brunch became more of a mainstay after World War II. People wanted to spend their Sundays in a more casual manner, preferably at home with family members and friends.

Popular Brunch Dishes

Latin American food covers a range of areas and regions, making it one of the most eclectic cuisines you can enjoy on the weekends. Staples include traditional Spanish tortillas made with eggs and potatoes, Dominican delicacies like mangú and chorizo, sweet and savory empanadas, and classic accompaniments like rice and beans. Sweet fusion twists on American dishes, such as dulce de leche French toast and blue corn pancakes, are also crowd-pleasers.


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