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5 Things Parents Should Look for in an Apartment May 29, 2020

Hinesville, Liberty
5 Things Parents Should Look for in an Apartment, Hinesville, Georgia

Looking for a rental home involves considering dozens of factors. These factors multiply when you have one or more young children in the house, who have specific needs and limitations. Here’s a list of five things you should look for as a parent when considering different rental properties.

Important Considerations When Shopping for a Rental Home

1. Neighborhood Safety

Safety is the most important factor when looking for a new home, especially when you have young children to look after. Make a list of your desired neighborhoods and start researching. Check crime rates from reputable sources like the FBI or local government.

You can also use websites and smartphone apps to see what real people who live in the area are posting about. You want to make sure your child will be safe walking to school or playing at the local park.

2. School Districts

Besides their home, school is where your children spend the majority of their time. Find out what schools your child would be attending near your potential new rental home. What is the teacher to student ratio like? Are the facilities in good condition? If you need it, is there a bussing system in place?

3. In-Home Amenities

rental homeWhen looking to rent a house, there are specific child-friendly amenities that will make your life infinitely easier, like an in-unit washer and dryer, a dishwasher, and lots of storage space. If you work from home, you’ll also need a room to designate as your office space.

If regular family meals are important to you, look for a big kitchen with a large dining area to comfortably accommodate everyone, including potential strollers or high chairs. A big kitchen table makes family dinners special and can also be used for homework and school projects as your children grow.

4. Local Amenities

Similar to amenities inside of your rental home, look for nice-to-haves in the surrounding neighborhood. Look for parks, a swimming pool, or even a local library you can walk to. Make it a point to locate the nearest hospital. These features will make a difference in the quality of life for you and your children.

5. Yard Space

Think about outdoor space when you’re surveying a possible new home. It can be something as small as a shared yard or patio, or, an entire backyard to yourself— either way, having an area where your children can go outside and stay active without having to actually leave the property can save you energy and give you peace of mind.


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