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3 Popular Flooring Trends in 2020 June 12, 2020

West Whitfield, Whitfield
3 Popular Flooring Trends in 2020, West Whitfield, Georgia

Flooring is far more than a simple protective covering. It also provides comfort underfoot and ensures a smooth and level walking surface. That doesn't mean it has to be strictly utilitarian, though. The floor can reflect the taste and style of the homeowner and complement the aesthetics of the space. There are many design trends that can make your flooring a prominent feature of your home. Here’s a closer look at the most current ones.

A Guide to 2020 Flooring Trends

1. Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is a budget-friendly alternative to hardwood and stone floors, and you don't have to sacrifice an ounce of quality or style. Luxury vinyl plank is especially popular; the planks are made of composite materials that make them waterproof and suitable for every room in the home. Installation is easy and straightforward, and maintenance needs are minimal. For 2020, engineered flooring is all about convenience, affordability, and elegance.

2. Soft Patterns & Colors

Shaw Floors®, one of the largest flooring manufacturers, features a variety of simple patterns and soft colors for 2020. The ultimate goal is to enhance the serenity and stillness of any room.

flooringColors like candlelight, sandstone, and water's edge are light, earthy tones that add a gentle warmth to any space. Shaw is highlighting carpets with natural and asymmetric patterns and hardwood floors with light textural variations and neutral colors. These shades create gorgeous contrasts with dark leather or fabric furniture.

3. Carpet Runners

Carpet runners on stairs are excellent for minimizing sound and ensuring a firm, safe grip on each step. Even in homes with hard-surface floors, carpet runners are a trendy design option for 2020. Brands like Dream Weaver® and Mohawk® feature a variety of colors and styles that can be fit to the contours of any staircase. Choose a soft hue for a subtle pop of color among the smooth surfaces of hardwood or engineered flooring.


To explore all these options and more, visit the flooring professionals at Beaver Carpets. Since 1980, they’ve been serving customers throughout the Tunnel Hill, GA, region as a full-service flooring contractor offering hardwood, carpet, and luxury vinyl plank products and professional installation. They work with both residences and businesses and will make certain you find the flooring best suited to your needs and budget. Call (706) 673-2366 or visit them online to request an estimate.

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