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3 Reasons to Choose Laser Body Sculpting June 4, 2020

Seattle, King
3 Reasons to Choose Laser Body Sculpting, Seattle, Washington

The struggle to lose weight can be one of life's biggest challenges. For some people, all the dieting and exercise in the world won't be able to erase those stubborn pounds. This is where laser body sculpting can be a game-changer. This medical spa procedure uses special, targeted light to emulsify fat cells so that the lymphatic system can naturally drain away the lipids inside. The result is targeted weight loss with zero pain or sacrifice. Here a few reasons to schedule an appointment for laser body sculpting at your favorite medical spa.

Why You Should Get Laser Body Sculpting

1. Noninvasive

Liposuction is a surgical removal of fat deposits, while bariatric surgeries alter the digestive system to restrict food intake. Both of these options are extremely invasive procedures.

Laser body sculpting requires no cutting, so you won't have a post-procedure wound to tend to or a scar left after it heals. You won't be subject to common surgical complications like nausea, infections, and hemorrhages. Since no anesthesia is used in laser body sculpting, you aren't left sleepy, drowsy, and unable to drive afterward.

2. No Lengthy Recovery & Downtime

medical spaAfter traditional fat removal or bariatric surgeries, the patient is usually confined to bed for a significant time. Recovery is a long and careful process, with varying degrees of discomfort involved.

With laser body sculpting, you’ll walk in and out of the medical spa on your own. As far as aftercare, all that's typically required is an increase in water intake and a bit of exercise to help the body flush out lipids.

3. Fast Results

It only takes a few weeks to start seeing noticeable weight loss with laser body sculpting. Because the laser targets fat at its source inside the cells, results tend to be more consistent and long lasting than other, more invasive procedures. The quick results don't demand major lifestyle or dietary changes, either.


If you think laser body sculpting may be right for you, contact Emerald City Medical Arts in Seattle, WA. This medical spa offers this state-of-the-art procedure. They also provide laser skin treatments and hair removal, as well as medical treatments and addiction solutions. Call (206) 281-1616 or visit their website to schedule an appointment.

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