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Do's & Don'ts of Riding a Motorcycle June 18, 2020

Hubbard, Hill
Do's & Don'ts of Riding a Motorcycle , Hubbard, Texas

Riding a motorcycle is both an exhilarating and relaxing experience, especially on open country roads and during sunny days. Practice safety first since motorcycles are involved in many accidents and collisions each year. Here’s some advice on how to stay comfortable on the roads, keep motorcycle insurance rates low, and prevent injuries.


Drive defensively.

Other drivers often don’t see motorcyclists, whether due to distracted driving or failure to check blind spots. Drive the motorcycle defensively by thinking 15 seconds ahead and anticipating cars that might pull out from side streets, change lanes, and make turns. When you switch lanes, do so slowly, and use turn or hand signals.

Wear safety gear.

Riding a motorcycle leaves you vulnerable to the elements. Wear goggles or a helmet visor to protect your eyes from wind and flying debris.

Ankle boots and long pants will prevent your legs from getting burned by the exhaust muffler. Put on gloves and a jacket to stay warm and prevent sunburn. Protect your head during falls or accidents by wearing a helmet. 


Neglect maintenance.

motorcycle insuranceDon’t forget to schedule routine maintenance for the motorcycle. This includes getting regular oil changes, replacing the air filter, checking the tire pressure and tread, replacing the coolant, and cleaning the chain. Completing these tasks will prevent breakdowns and mechanical issues that could lead to collisions. 

Ride without insurance.

Purchase a motorcycle insurance plan that will protect you during accidents and collisions. Your plan should provide liability coverage that pays up to a certain dollar amount for mechanical and body repairs, medical expenses, towing fees, and rental vehicle rates. 


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