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3 Benefits of Music for Seniors May 15, 2020

Downtown Henderson, Henderson
3 Benefits of Music for Seniors, Henderson, Kentucky

Music connects people of all ages. It entertains, educates, and has even been proven to reduce stress, among other benefits. Because of this, more and more senior care services are using music to promote overall wellness in their clients. Here are some specific reasons music is good for older adults.

How Music Improves the Lives of Seniors

1. Promotes Fitness

As people age, their senior carebones and muscles tend to weaken, which gets exacerbated with a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise plays a vital role in strengthening and reversing the aging process in your bones, muscles, and joints. Therefore senior care services use music to involve their clients in physical activities. With the right music, they will be encouraged to engage in coordination exercises to stay fit.

2. Improves Mental Health

Numerous studies have shown that music positively affects the mind by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. As such, medical professionals recommend using music therapy to help seniors with mental illness like dementia. For example, caregivers often play songs for their clients with Alzheimer’s to connect them to their memories of a person or event. Music activates chemicals in the brain, resulting in positive emotions, as recorded in EEGs. Thus, seniors who are involved in such therapies are more likely to be optimistic and energetic.

3. Opens Communication

Older adults may find it difficult to spark conversation and socialize with others, even with an attentive senior care professional who visits their home regularly. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can hurt their quality of life in their golden years. Fortunately, music is a powerful tool for triggering fond memories, especially in seniors who have Alzheimer's or dementia. Having shared memories with their peers and loved ones opens the lines of communication.

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