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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel More Spacious July 25, 2020

Moriches, Suffolk County
5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Feel More Spacious, Moriches, New York

Homeowners often consider kitchen remodeling because they need more room. Luckily, a few creative upgrades can make this area feel spacious and provide more functionality. Here are five options to add to your new kitchen design.

A Guide to Space-Conscious Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

1. Skip Cabinet Doors

Cabinets can make a space feel smaller because they limit the visual depth of the room. Display your dishware by removing the doors and hinges to reveal the shelving and contents. You can make this change on all the cabinets or just the ones that hold items you want people to see, while keeping the doors over pantry foods and less aesthetically pleasing belongings.

2. Install an Island

remodelingInstalling an island can increase food preparation space and add an in-kitchen dining area. Many families install a cooktop and oven in the island across from the sink to make cooking and baking easier. You could also use the island as a table and place the stove and oven along the wall.

3. Add Pull-Out Shelving

Make sure every inch of your storage space is maximized by installing pull-out shelving to fit pots and pans, larger appliances, and dishes. Work with your remodeling team to determine which shelving sizes are best. Always place heavier items in the bottom cabinet to make it easier to reach them safely.

4. Customize Drawer Space

Traditional kitchen drawers may not be a great fit for spices or dishware. Make custom storage drawers to hold spices in tiers to improve visibility so you can find what you need. Use pegs or spacers to separate bowls, cups, and plates to make everything easy to reach for people of all ages and mobility levels.

5. Add Pull-Out Workspaces

If the kitchen is tiny and you need to get creative, increase the amount of workspace by installing pull-out cutting boards. Many kitchens feature these amenities installed directly over utensil drawers or next to the stove for easy chopping and meal prep.


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