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How to Add HVAC Systems to a Historic Property May 27, 2020

New Rochelle, Westchester
How to Add HVAC Systems to a Historic Property, New Rochelle, New York

Many homeowners choose historic properties for their beautiful, traditional features. However, if your residence is a few decades old, the structure may not have existing ductwork to support a central HVAC system. If you want to retrofit the space with new cooling and heating equipment, here’s what you should know to handle the project.

What Are Your Options for Heating & Cooling Older Properties?

Many historic properties don’t include ductwork, which is necessary for central air. In some cases, it may be possible to install ducts, but this is a costly and time-intensive project. 

A simpler, cost-effective alternative is installing ductless systems, which don’t rely on ductwork. Instead, they use three-inch openings to connect outdoor and indoor components. The exterior compressors cool the air using refrigerant, while the indoor units disperse the air throughout the space.

How Can You Use Ductless Systems in a Home?

Bronx, NY HVAC systemContractors can install ductless HVAC systems on the walls or ceilings, depending on how much support the home’s structure provides. Both options offer greater security than window units and allow you to skip the extensive renovations required for ductwork installations.

You have the option to install a single indoor unit to control the climate of one room, or several devices to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the house. Each unit can be set to different temperatures, creating optimal environments depending on your family members’ preferences. You can also control their temperatures remotely, a convenient and modern feature.


Retrofit your home’s HVAC system with high-quality ductless units from Yost & Campbell Heating Cooling Generators in Westchester County, NY, and the Bronx. From now through July 4, 2020, they’re offering up to $500 in instant rebates for each eligible Mitsubishi Electric® ductless unit installed. These Diamond Contractors™ are recognized for their commitment to outstanding service. Here’s what a past client had to say about their work:

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