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4 FAQ About Wooden Roof Trusses May 11, 2020

Clarksville, Johnson
4 FAQ About Wooden Roof Trusses, Clarksville, Arkansas

Roof trusses are building components that provide stability and structure in residential and commercial construction. Typically made from wood and known by their identifiable triangular shape, they are assembled using several pieces of lumber and held together with sturdy metal plates. Learn more about these roofing components and their uses by reading the commonly asked questions below.

What to Know About Roof Trusses

What are the benefits?

These wooden building components are incredibly strong and can be installed much faster than metal varieties. They can often be installed without the help of heavy construction equipment. Flexible and versatile, they can easily be used with alternative building materials, like stainless steel beams, for added support.

Are they cost-effective?

trussesSteel roof materials are often more expensive than wood in initial purchase costs and the cost of labor. Because wood building materials produce less waste, you also save money on job-site cleanup. You can also save money on equipment rentals since they can be installed without heavy machinery. 

How are they made?

When you order your building materials, the beams will be meticulously cut to fit your unique project. After the design has been finalized, the wood is often treated with preserving agents to reduce rot and increase strength. The wood is then inserted into a template where it is inspected for quality before being assembled using galvanized metal plates. 

When are they necessary?

Trusses provide strength, stability, and longevity to a wide variety of structures, including commercial buildings, residential spaces such as homes and apartments, agricultural buildings, and institutional construction projects. They can also provide added support for suspended platforms and bridges. 


For high-quality truss installation for your next construction project, contact the professionals at H & H Truss & Supply in Clarksville, AR. With over 30 years of experience, their skilled team has provided building materials and services to ensure that each job meets their clients' unique needs. Contact them today at (479) 754-4999 to request a quote or visit them online to learn more about their products and services.

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