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Why Every Clinician Should Have a Mentor June 1, 2020

Midtown East, Manhattan
Why Every Clinician Should Have a Mentor, Manhattan, New York

Because the path to becoming a health care provider is relatively straightforward, clinicians aren’t always inclined to seek out professional guidance. Just because you know which steps to take next on your journey, however, doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from consulting someone who has already taken them. Whether you find the perfect mentor at a leadership retreat or medical conference, here are a few reasons to ask them to take you under their wing. 

3 Benefits of Having a Professional Mentor

1. Provides a Different Perspective

A seasoned professional in the same field can help you analyze scenarios from unique angles that you might not have considered otherwise. If your ultimate goal is to open a private practice, for example, your mentor can share what they learned about the topic. This will allow you to mitigate potential issues and maximize profitability from day one.

If you already operate a clinic, but you’re facing problems regarding staffing, marketing, or some other component, a mentor who has been in private practice for considerably longer can help you devise an action plan for addressing them. 

2. Expands Your Network 

leadership retreatWhether it’s by recommending an intensive leadership retreat or connecting you with essential suppliers, a mentor will expand your professional network. The broader your health care network, the more potential for success your practice will have.

Clinicians who foster working relationships with all kinds of professionals will always know who to turn to when an issue arises. They’ll also have a host of opportunities for collaborating with others in their field. 

3. Facilitates Development 

A mentor will encourage you to take calculated risks when it comes to expanding the scope of your practice and furthering your education. Both are essential for ensuring a successful practice because medicine is an incredibly fast-paced industry. Not only are there advancements in virtually every field every year, but patients expect increasingly more face time with their providers as more functions are automated. 



Regardless of where you happen to be in your medical career, you can find a viable mentor with help from Metro Collaborative. Based in New York City, NY, this health care networking group connects clinicians with like-minded individuals through leadership retreats, peer-to-peer dinners, and business coaching. To learn more about their gatherings and network opportunities, visit their website. To reserve your spot at their next leadership retreat, call (609) 876-9163.

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