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3 Types of Telemedicine May 6, 2020

Seattle, King
3 Types of Telemedicine, Seattle, Washington

Telemedicine is a revolutionary tool that’s making medical treatment convenient, comfortable, and more widely accessible to patients. For health conditions that are contagious or that limit the ability to get to a doctor's office, this offers a way to consult a medical professional from the safety of your home. Here are different types of telemedicine and how they work.

What Are the Kinds of Telemedicine?

1. Store-and-Forward

Store-and-forward is a kind of asynchronous telemedicine, meaning you don't have to be online or on the phone with the provider at the same time. The provider receives the patient's medical information from other providers. This information typically includes medical records, lab tests, imaging, and other material the doctor will need to treat the patient.

Doctor and patient use a messaging system to communicate with one another, similar to email. Through these messages, the doctor provides medical treatment, answers questions, and follows up with the patient.

2. Remote Monitoring

medical treatmentWith remote monitoring, the provider can observe and record certain vital signs and other markers from a distance. This approach uses sensors and digital technology to track vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels.

It offers real-time results and is often a key part of an overall care plan, typically for chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and asthma. It’s also helpful for older patients with dementia or mobility issues, as it can determine risk assessment and alert caregivers if the individual falls.

3. Real-Time Interactive Telemedicine

Real-time interactive services bring you face to face with a provider who offers medical treatment and a plan of care. These are usually video calls between you and your provider that take place over secure lines and provide the same attention you would receive at an in-office visit.

The provider will review symptoms, perform an examination, answer questions, prescribe medications, and schedule follow-ups. Patients without computer access are often given the option of a phone visit.


Telemedicine delivers prompt, professional medical treatment and clinical support to patients who need it. Emerald City Medical Arts offers telemedicine services to clients throughout the Seattle, WA, area. They provide a variety of health care options, including laser skin treatment and hair removal, skin color and texture correction, and addiction treatment. Call (206) 281-1616 or visit their website to schedule an appointment.

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