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How Does Dancing Relieve Anxiety? May 20, 2020

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How Does Dancing Relieve Anxiety?, Newark, Ohio

Enrolling a child in a dance class offers numerous benefits, such as physical fitness and time spent with peers. It also helps kids keep stress and anxiety at bay, which is an unfortunately common issue for many young people these days. Here are a few other ways dancing can benefit your child from a mental health perspective. 

Dancing Releases Endorphins

Endorphins are feel-good chemicals released by the body which ease stress and tension. Physical activity, including dancing, is integral in the release of endorphins, which also have pain-relieving properties and create a sense of euphoria in a person. Dancing and other types of exercise may even be useful for people experiencing clinical depression, which causes a persistent down feeling and lack of energy.

It Improves Physical Health

dance classesYour physical and mental well-being are inexorably linked. When your body is in poor health, it’s likely that your mind will follow suit. Health issues can also contribute to stress and anxiety, especially when they impact you on a daily basis.

As a form of cardio, dancing has a positive impact on heart health, which is great for adults. For kids, dancing is a fun way to boost physical activity, which establishes help them develop a healthy attitude toward exercise. 

Dancing Eases Social Anxiety

Both children and adults are known to experience social anxiety, which is characterized by an intense feeling of discomfort in social situations. Along with increasing stress, it can also prevent people from making connections with others and developing healthy friendships. Dancing in a group setting, such as a dance class, is a great way for kids to get over their fears of socializing. It also provides access to peers with similar interests, which makes it easier for children to form lasting bonds. 


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