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4 Ways Pet Owners Can Maintain a Clean Carpet September 10, 2020

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4 Ways Pet Owners Can Maintain a Clean Carpet, Anchorage, Alaska

Your pets are a large part of your family, but unfortunately, they can sometimes wreak havoc on your home. All of the shedding, dirty paws, and bathroom accidents that naturally come with owning a pet are especially damaging to carpets. The positive news is that it’s possible to keep your floors looking fresh by following a few simple house cleaning and pet care tips. Below are a few ways to maintain your carpet if you have pets. 

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean When You Have Pets

1. Be Consistent With Grooming

A well-groomed pet will eliminate much of the dander and fur they leave behind on your carpets. It’s important to brush them at home often, as well as have them bathed to minimize shedding and get rid of excess hair. Additionally, be sure to wipe off their paws whenever they come in from outside so that dirt, grime, and weather control materials don’t transfer onto your floors. 

2. Vacuum Regularly 

house cleaningVacuuming is key to maintaining your carpets and should be part of your regular house cleaning routine. It’s generally recommended that homeowners vacuum at least once a week to remove all the contaminants that have settled on a carpet’s surface. However, with pets in the home, you may want to consider doing it more frequently. This will keep fur, dirt and dust particles, and bacteria from building up.

3. Have a Stain Remover on Hand

Even pets that have been potty trained for years can have accidents every now and then. Having a stain remover readily accessible in your array of house cleaning products can go a long way towards avoiding permanent marks and discoloration on your carpet. Treating stains quickly is essential, as the longer they’re allowed to sit, the more difficult they’ll be to get out.

4. Get a Professional Carpet Cleaning

Aside from daily maintenance, your carpet will need a deep clean periodically to fully eradicate odors and any dirt, dust, grime, and allergens that have been crushed down into the fibers. Also, pets tend to soil carpets that retain smells from previous accidents. A professional carpet cleaning will breathe new life into your floors and restore their fibers.


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