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What Is a Fire Door? June 4, 2020

Creston-Bigfork, Flathead
What Is a Fire Door?, Creston-Bigfork, Montana

A fire door acts as a protective barrier in a building, delaying the spread of flames and smoke from one section of a building to another. This extra protection can allow occupants to escape safely. By containing a fire, a fire door protects people and property. When you visit a garage door showroom to discuss fire door assemblies available to commercial enterprises, use the information below to help you make a selection that satisfies your safety and fire protection needs.

How Are Fire Doors Manufactured?

Fire doors can be made of glass, steel, aluminum, and other flame-resistant materials, including slow-to-burn lumber and wood composites. Metal doors, which are often powder-coated, give purchasers a full range of color options. They all have special sealing properties that stop the spread of smoke and fire. Styles and sizes vary, but because the frame is integral to fire safety, fire doors are sold as sets that include the door, the frame, and all related hardware. This is true whether they’re a conventionally styled door or an industrial-type garage door.

How Are They Rated?

garage doorsThe National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA 80, sets the standards for fire door safety. They regulate their manufacturing process and installation, but fire doors are independently certified to contain a fire for 20 to 90 minutes. This depends on the results of testing that measures performance and quality. Doors with markings from a certification company, such as UL®, meet all applicable safety and compliance codes.

The NFPA also requires annual inspections of fire doors to assure fire resistance. Doors and their housings are evaluated for broken or damaged surfaces and parts, operation, and the integrity of seals that keep smoke and flames out.

Why Do I Need One?

Principally used in commercial and industrial buildings, such as high-rises, hotels, and warehouses, local building codes may require their installation elsewhere. Certain types of multifamily residences, for example, may be required by code to have a fire door installed as a smoke barrier in exit passageways. Some commercial-grade garage doors are produced to standards that allow them to serve double duty as fire doors and as rolling door entrances to shipping, warehouse, and industrial facilities.


American Garage Door in Kalispell, MT, serves residential and commercial clients throughout the Flathead Valley area. If you need a fire-resistant garage door, they can help you assess your needs and choose and install a best-in-class solution. Visit them online to learn more about their commercial offerings, or call (406) 752-2662 if you have questions about fire-resistant garage doors. 

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