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3 Ways to Keep Wasps Away From Your Home June 8, 2020

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3 Ways to Keep Wasps Away From Your Home, Bolivar, Missouri

While wasps can benefit your garden and protect your plants by feeding on insects and pollinating the surrounding area, they can also become dangerous if they nest around your home. They can sting more than once, so it’s crucial to be careful around them. You may require wasp control services to remove nests if they become a nuisance. Below are a few ways to keep wasps away from your home.

How to Protect Your Home From Wasps

1. Seal Off Your House

Inspect your entire home for places where wasps may intrude. They can fit into small holes, starting at a quarter-inch wide. Make sure to check the roof and attic, as they aim to find quiet places where they will not be disturbed.

Caulk the small cracks around doors and windows, and install mesh screens so that you can open your doors without the fear of intrusion. Coat the exterior wood with oil-based paint to prevent wasps from tunneling through. After a storm, check for any damage to your home, such as loose shingles or vents.

2. Arm Yourself With Peppermint

You can repel wasps with the smell of peppermint. Since they hate the strong minty smell, you can either grow any type of mint in your garden or place cotton balls, each with several drops of peppermint oil, around your home and garden to maximize wasp control. 

This will detract them from buzzing around or inviting friends to build their nest in your backyard. If a wasp does sting you, peppermint oil should help reduce the pain from the sting.

3. Seal All Trashcans

wasp controlA cluttered yard offers a perfect target for wasps. Clear away all your trash and completely seal your trashcans inside your home as well as the bins outside. Leaving exposed trash invites wasps to buzz around your home, looking for more debris to feed on.

Also, maximize wasp control by cleaning up after eating outside. Do not leave any sugary drinks around. Wasps are attracted to sweets. Make sure to sweep up fallen fruit from the ground as well, and pick overly ripe fruit from trees.



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