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4 Tips for a Beach Vacation With Kids May 5, 2020

Orange Beach, Baldwin
4 Tips for a Beach Vacation With Kids, Orange Beach, Alabama

A family beach day can be equally exciting and stressful for parents with young kids. On the one hand, there’s plenty to do at the seashore to keep the kids occupied all day. On the other hand, there are concerns about keeping them safe in the water and under the harsh summer sun. Before booking your vacation rental for your next beach trip, here are a few logistics to consider before hitting the sand. 

How to Plan the Perfect Family Beach Day

1. Time It Right

vacation rentalWith little ones at the beach, you have two ideal times to keep them safe and happy: first-thing in the morning or late in the afternoon. During the summer months, midday can be extremely hot, with a strong UV index carrying concerns about sunburn. Plus, if your kids are younger than school age, they’ll likely need a nap around that time anyway. Save yourself the hassle of running back and forth to your vacation rental when a temper tantrum strikes by putting thought into the timing for your beach day. 

2. Bring Tons of Sunscreen

A long day in the sun means that you’ll need to stock up on sunscreen for you and your family. To avoid any sunburns throughout the day, make this step the first thing you do when you step on the sand. Once everyone has a proper coating, set a timer to reapply every two hours to protect your family all day long. 

On particularly hot days, it will be hard to convince your little ones to park under a beach umbrella for more than a few minutes. To offer some shade as you play by the shore, consider bringing along a golf umbrella for extensive yet portable sun protection.

3. Invest in Sand-Free Essentials

On any beach day, getting sand everywhere is an unavoidable reality. Fortunately, there are options to minimize this inconvenience. Instead of your standard canvas beach tote, consider a mesh bag instead, which allows sand to slip through instead of settling at the bottom. Some beach towels also have a broader weaved texture to offer the same convenience. To keep snacks safe from the elements, pack them individually in sealed plastic bags.

4. Be Selective About Beach Toys

While it’s important to offer your kids activities for your beach day, don’t go overboard with too many options. The odds are that they take up valuable room in the car during the road trip there, and once you’ve arrived, most of the toys will stay at your vacation rental the whole trip. For all-day fun, settle on the tried-and-true classics, like sandcastle tools and a boogie board, and maybe bring a group activity, like a football or a bocce ball game. 


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