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4 Reasons to Trim & Prune Your Trees June 1, 2020

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4 Reasons to Trim & Prune Your Trees, Ewa, Hawaii

Trees can add beauty and value to your property when kept in good condition. While it’s important to put the time and effort into watering, mulching, and fertilizing, an essential part of your maintenance routine should also include tree trimming and pruning. Ignoring these tasks can cause many undesirable and costly consequences. Here are some of the biggest reasons to trim and prune your trees.

Why Tree Care Is Important

1. Improve Curb Appeal

When trees aren’t trimmed regularly, they become overgrown and unsightly. Branches can also start to grow in various directions, making trees appear disheveled. This will create an eyesore in your yard and negatively affect the aesthetic of the landscape. Regular tree trimming will make them look better and boost your property’s curb appeal.

2. Increase Safety

tree trimmingA top priority of tree trimming is eliminating branches that pose a safety hazard for your property, as weakened and unhealthy branches can come down at any time. If they land on a passerby, roof, or vehicle, it can result in serious injuries or damage. Having your trees trimmed often will reduce your liability risk and keep your family and home protected.

3. Encourage Growth

Decaying and diseased branches place significant stress on a tree and limit its ability to produce new growth. Removing them helps give trees renewed vigor and strength. When the right pruning technique is used, the tree will gain a healthier structure that allows them to put more energy into developing new limbs.

4. Prevent Disease

Thinning out a tree’s canopy will allow it to get ample sunlight and airflow, reducing the amount of moisture and heat that gets trapped inside the crown. This lowers the chances of disease setting in, as fungal spores thrive in humid environments. Additionally, pruning afflicted branches will prevent the illness from spreading to the rest of the tree or to nearby greenery.


If you want expert help maintaining your trees, contact the skilled team at Ohana Tree Services in Mililani, HI. These arborists will ensure your trees are cut and shaped correctly, and they’ll work carefully to avoid disturbing the surrounding landscape. View their full list of services online, or call (808) 520-0186 to request a free estimate.

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