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A Guide to Re-Shafting Your Golf Clubs June 22, 2020

Evendale, Evendale
A Guide to Re-Shafting Your Golf Clubs, Evendale, Ohio

While it’s an often overlooked part of a golf club, the shaft has a direct impact on your ability to play. Damage to the shaft alters its stability and could possibly hamper your game if shots aren’t traveling in the intended direction. No matter the issue, having your clubs re-shafted can bring them back to their former state and enhance your ability. 

When to Reshaft Your Clubs

Your abilities as a golfer may change over time. As a result, you might be best served by a lighter or heavier shaft than the one you’re currently using. You might also notice problems with ball trajectory, even when hitting the sweet spot on the clubhead.

This could signal an internal issue in the shaft, such as rust accumulation. Breaks are the most common reason for re-shafting, as a repair is not usually effective in this case. 

Other Aspects to Consider

GolfWhile it’s possible to re-shaft a golf club on your own, professional service is recommended for the best results. Even seemingly small issues during the process can influence the quality of the club.

Additionally, a repair technician can also offer information on different shaft weights and which is best for you. Club grips are also subject to wear over time, which can impact your ability to maintain a firm hold on the club.

Re-gripping replaces cracked and worn rubber on clubs so you can exert the precise amount of control necessary for a swing. That’s why many golfers have both repairs performed simultaneously. 


Are you in search of reliable golf club repairs in Cincinnati? If so, Etter's Golf Center offers the benefit of more than 36 years of experience when it comes to all things golf. Along with their skilled instructors and driving range, they also provide a variety of repair services. Choose from graphite or steel replacement shafts, re-gripping, and adjustments, all of which are performed quickly and efficiently. Visit the website for the complete listing of repair services. You can also call (513) 563-8661 for more information. 

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