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4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Phone System June 22, 2020

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4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Phone System, ,

Your company’s technology should evolve with your growth, beginning with your phone system. Upgrading your lines to voice over IP (VoIP) not only makes your employees’ daily workflow easier to handle, but it also improves your likelihood of meeting your customers’ needs efficiently. Instead of putting your business in a vulnerable position, know the tell-tale signs of when you need to update.

When Should You Upgrade Your Phone Lines?

1. Your Phones Are Malfunctioning

The most common reason for changes is when you’re using hardware that no longer works the way that it should. Your employees are losing valuable time to connect with possible clients and consumers if you’re using a centralized phone system that goes down. Instead of fixing outdated phone lines, switching over to a modern telephone system is a better long-term option.

2. Your Call Volume Has Increased

VoIPDo your customers hear busy signals when they call? Unreachable phone lines indicate your system's capabilities can't meet the demand. Upgrading to newer technologies that integrate automated attendant software makes it easier to handle more callers.

3. You’re Expanding Locations

You don't want your phone system to hold you back when you're opening new locations. Installing new traditional telephone lines requires expensive hardware, which adds up quickly when you're expanding your reach. It's much simpler and cost-effective to install VoIP across multiple locations than several phone lines in different areas.

4. You Want to Be Mobile

Whether your employees are working from home or traveling for business, your company's phone service doubles as a lifeline. A cloud-based phone system is an efficient way to keep them connected with call forwarding, remote access to internal directories and emails, and automated receptionists. Some virtual-based systems even provide mobile apps to connect your work number to your personal cell phone.


If you’re ready to upgrade to VoIP, get in touch with OhmComm, Inc. This Philadelphia-based company has been the one-stop-shop for stellar IT and intercom services in the mid-Atlantic region for over two decades. They’ll also ensure your organization is compliant with HIPAA standards. Learn more about their expertise on their website, and call (215) 467-1444 to schedule a visit.

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