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5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use This Summer June 25, 2020

Rochester, Monroe
5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use This Summer, Rochester, New York

Air conditioners are meant to keep you comfortable and cool throughout the summer. However, relying on them too much raises your energy bills. Luckily, with a few upgrades, such as window replacements, you can beat the heat while saving energy.

How to Decrease Your Energy Bills in the Summer

1. Get a Programmable Thermostat

Many people try to save energy by increasing the temperature on the thermostat each time they leave the house. Skip this inconvenient step by investing in a programmable device that lets you schedule the climate control of your home.

For example, you can set it to automatically raise the temperature to save energy during hours when the home is typically empty. You can also adjust the temperature to the ideal 60 to 67 degrees when you’re asleep. 

2. Use Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan helps put less pressure on your AC. The average fan lets you increase your thermostat by 4 degrees with no perceptible difference because it recirculates cool air. With its natural ventilation, you may also be able to turn off the AC on mild days.

3. Regularly Clean or Replace the AC Filters 

window replacementsOver time, AC filters become clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris. A clogged unit reduces your AC’s efficiency by blocking airflow.

Avoid equipment strain and higher bills by cleaning or replacing your filter every two to three months, or as often as the manufacturer recommends.

4. Close the Blinds

When the sun heats up your home, your AC must work harder and use more energy to keep it cool.

Protect your space from hot UV rays by closing your window treatments as often as possible. For example, close them throughout the house before leaving on errands and going to bed.

5. Get Insulated Glass Window Replacements

Even when your windows are closed, conditioned air can leak through the glass and small cracks around the frames. Those openings also allow hot air to enter your home, forcing the AC to work harder.

Insulated glass creates a more effective thermal barrier. It consists of two panes separated by an inert gas that slows heat transfer, keeping your home cool and your AC efficient.


To save energy with insulated glass window replacements, turn to Genesee Glass & Mirror in Rochester, NY. Serving Monroe County, this trusted company specializes in glass of all types. Their insulated options work with all kinds of fixtures, including patio doors, wood and vinyl frames, door sidelights, and skylights. Learn more about their products online, and call (585) 621-3580 for an estimate. 

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