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A Brief Guide to Schedule Loss of Use Awards May 14, 2020

Central Business District, Rochester
A Brief Guide to Schedule Loss of Use Awards, Rochester, New York

Workers’ compensation provides a vital safety net for workers who suffer an injury or develop a medical condition because of their job duties. In most cases, the medical care and cash benefits continue until you’re able to return to work, but what if you’ve suffered a permanent disability? In New York, employees who have suffered an impairment may be eligible for a Schedule Loss of Use (SLU) award if you’re unable to work.

What Is a Schedule Loss of Use?

SLU awards are additional funds paid to employees who have permanently lost the function of a body part that limits their ability to work. Some qualifying injuries include permanent damage to the hands, fingers, toes, and feet, as well as shoulder and leg injuries. Workers can also pursue an SLU award for loss of vision or hearing and permanent disfigurement.

How Are SLU Awards Calculated?

workers compensationNew York’s workers’ compensation law includes a preset schedule that determines the maximum number of weekly payments you can receive, based on the type of injury. For instance, someone who permanently lost function in their arm could receive additional benefits for up to 312 weeks. The amount of those payments is calculated according to your average weekly salary for the previous year and the extent of your disability.

How Do I Qualify for an SLU Award?

Before applying for SLU payments, your doctor must determine that you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, and likely won’t recover function in the future. Like any other workers’ compensation claim, your injury must also be caused by a workplace accident or chronic medical condition directly related to your job.


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