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Answers to Common FAQs About Glass Safety Railings July 31, 2020

Spring Valley, Rockland County
Answers to Common FAQs About Glass Safety Railings, Spring Valley, New York

Glass safety railings are a bold design statement, giving any space a touch of modern sophistication with uninterrupted sightlines and a luxurious atmosphere. Professional glass installation certainly helps your business make a strong first impression, but you might have questions about their safety and maintenance needs. Below are answers to some common concerns people often have about glass railings.

4 Answers to Questions About Glass Railings

Are glass railings safe?

Most glass safety railings are made of tempered glass, which is the same type found in auto windows. The heat-treating process enhances the strength of the glass, making it just as strong as many other building materials.

What if it breaks?

glass installationThe tempering process actually changes the structure underneath the surface of the glass, so you don’t have to worry about falling shards if an accident does occur. Instead of sharp points, glass railings shatter into small cubes with dull, harmless edges.

How much maintenance do they require?

Because glass is transparent, it does show fingerprints, dust, and dirt more readily than other surfaces. Fortunately, their shine is relatively easy to maintain, with the same products and process you already use to keep your windows sparkling.

What type of railing do I need?

Manufacturers offer a wide range of products, any of which could be suited for your particular design. Building codes may also require you to install railings of a certain height, depending on where they are and how they’ll be used. After reviewing your plans, an experienced glass installation professional can help you choose products that provide maximum safety and harmonize with the rest of your design.


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