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When Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Necessary? May 22, 2020

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When Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Necessary? , Haslet, Texas

While wisdom teeth, or third molars, can erupt correctly and not cause bite or teeth cleaning issues, they usually require removal. The younger you are when you schedule removal, the less likely you are to deal with a long recovery due to incomplete root and bone formation. This guide reviews when wisdom teeth extraction is necessary for your oral health.

What Signs Indicate It’s Time to Schedule an Extraction?

Partial Eruptions & Impacted Teeth

wisdom teeth extraction-North Fort Worth and Tarrant CountyWhen wisdom teeth do not fully erupt, they create welcome spaces for bacteria to accumulate. Partial eruptions subsequently increase the risk of gum inflammation, infections, and disease, especially since the third molars are notoriously difficult to clean. Gum inflammation provides pockets for bacteria that irritate the tissue and heightens the chance of tooth decay.

Periodontal, or gum, disease can also occur at the back of the mouth. Infections such as pericoronitis present yet another risk. The infection causes pain, a bad taste in the mouth from leaking pus, gum and lymph node swelling, and problems opening the mouth. It can additionally spread to the cheeks and neck.

Impacted wisdom teeth also create dental problems. When third molars remain trapped in the gums, they can harbor bacteria and increase the chance of infections and cysts. If a tooth is impacted, it can cause the same symptoms as pericoronitis in addition to cysts that can break down jawbone tissue and damage nerves.

Tooth Crowding & Alignment Issues

Wisdom teeth extraction becomes necessary when impacted or partially erupted teeth start crowding wanted teeth. Tooth crowding causes alignment and therefore bite issues in addition to making teeth difficult to clean. When teeth become crooked because of third molar problems, it becomes easier for bacteria to get trapped among them and increases the risk of cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and gum infections. Pressure on wanted teeth can also cause facial pain, sinus problems, and congestion. 


If you require wisdom teeth extraction services, make an appointment with Alliance Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Serving North Fort Worth and Tarrant County, TX, for over a decade, the practice ensures patients are comfortable and their team will answer all questions before starting a tooth extraction, an implant surgery, or wisdom teeth removal, among other procedures. Call (817) 741-2200 today to schedule an appointment or learn more about wisdom teeth extraction online. Get additional information about dental surgeries on Twitter.

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