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Color trends in Interior Design November 10, 2015

Garment District, Manhattan
Color trends in Interior Design, Manhattan, New York

Color trends in Interior Design

By Marcie Cooperman on Nov, 2 2015

Sonya Winner wallpaper, two colorwaysSonya Winner wallpaper, two colorways

Color in the home is a funny thing. Our living environment has a way of regulating the colors we consider acceptable, right down to their hues, intensities and values. Some are perfect for us, some are merely ok, and some verboten. It’s a question of risk. And of quantity. Although we may love red, for example, we may consider it too risky for a long-term purchase like the sofa, or too strong for large areas like the walls.

But trends may fly in the face of comfort. For example, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015 is a glorious brown-red called Marsala, and in the stores we find everything Marsala. Red is too strong for your taste? This year it looks like the wider picture – the long-term trend – offers choices molded to our comfort levels. Although fewer colors are offered, they include cool, natural colors as well as fun primaries and secondaries.

In my last blog, I noted 2016 trend preferences for natural materials and colors, and sustainable materials that look like natural materials. The big-ticket items like sinks, cabinets, and flooring are showing up in easy-to-live-with low intensity colors. This makes bathrooms feel like cool, inviting places.

Pantone’s prediction for the top 10 colors: “weaves of earth neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.”

Ideagroup offers natural colorsIdeagroup offers natural colors

The Pantone Color Trends chart illustrates that the new colors are tones – mixed with gray. This reduces their intensity, and makes them more suitable for large areas of color, like Ian Archer’s sofa. It also gives them a connection with each other, one so familial that you could close your eyes and pick any two, and they would blend together.

Ian Archer’s Demi sofaIan Archer’s Demi sofa

Pantone Color Trends for 2015-16Pantone Color Trends for 2015-16

Color variations being offered tend toward the primary and secondary hues, and the idea is to put several together to personalize the product for the customer. Separate pillows can combine colors and patterns on the sofa with abandon, or one pillow can do the trick.

Cowtan and ToutCowtan and Tout

Graphic patterns in throw pillowsGraphic patterns in throw pillows

SCP Furniture offers sofas in fun colors, all of which would look pretty under Madart’s throw pillow.

Madart Inc – Refreshing throw pillowMadart Inc – Refreshing throw pillow

SCP Furniture, Continuous sofa by Faudet HarrisonSCP Furniture, Continuous sofa by Faudet Harrison

SCP Furniture, Linear sofa by Terence WoodgateSCP Furniture, Linear sofa by Terence Woodgate

SCP Furniture, Solstice sofaSCP Furniture, Solstice sofa

More than fabrics, colors are showing up in unexpected places, like Hem’s customizable pendant lights.

Hem customizable lighting elements are available in eight shapes and nine huesHem customizable lighting elements are available in eight shapes and nine hues

The wall-coverings industry is also eager to jump into the game. Flavor Paper includes primary and secondary hues in its Globetrotter paper; York wallpaper does the same for its Meet Me In… paper”.

Flavor Paper – GlobetrotterFlavor Paper – Globetrotter

York wallpaper – Meet Me InYork wallpaper – Meet Me In…

So, the future is colorful/fun, and neutral/sane at the same time. How? Feel free to indulge in your favorite colors in smaller areas that can be easily replaced, while the room can be defined by cool and contemporary walls and furniture made for long-term enjoyment.

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