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4 FAQ About Hard Chrome Plating May 4, 2020

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4 FAQ About Hard Chrome Plating, Woodlawn, Ohio

Chrome is a shiny, eye-catching finish that can add luster and appeal to virtually any metal surface. Yet, beyond its allure, hard chrome plating serves several practical purposes. Discover more about this popular service below.

What to Know About Hard Chrome Plating

What are some common applications?

Hard chrome plating is widely used throughout the industrial sector. Machines and components in factory settings undergo extreme wear and tear, and chrome acts as a protective coating to extend their life span. In addition, chrome is also used in agriculture and mining machines, press punches and tooling equipment, and hydraulic cylinders.

What are the benefits?

hard chrome platingWhen plated in chrome, surfaces become smoother and less likely to experience friction. The plating also strengthens metals, protecting them against abrasion. Machines with chrome plating may be less likely to seize and could even last longer thanks to the extra layer of protection.

What does the plating process entail?

Plating processes may vary from one shop to the next. In general, the surface will be prepared, which could involve alkaline cleaning. An electric current is then used to deposit chromium onto the metal. Some shops use the industry-leading HEEF® plating process, which yields improved brightness and hardness in less time than traditional plating.   

How should you care for plated materials?

While hard chrome is corrosion-resistant, you can still maintain its general appearance using simple soap and water.


If you’re seeking a trusted shop to perform hard chrome plating, contact R.A. Heller Co. This team has been serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding metropolitan areas since 1946 and uses HEEF plating to produce the highest-quality results. Their 16-foot horizontal tank can accommodate a broad range of parts in a single setup, and you can rest assured that their process will meet or exceed your specifications. Find out more about their approach to chrome plating online or call (513) 771-6100 to speak with a team member.

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