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This is a Friendly Reminder That Our Next Embodied Minds Workshop is Tomorrow 11/10/15! November 9, 2015

Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants
November 10, 2015 7:00PM - November 10, 2015 8:30PM
This is a Friendly Reminder That Our Next Embodied Minds Workshop is Tomorrow 11/10/15!, Manhattan, New York

It is never too early to introduce children to the art of public speaking, and when you do so, you can avoid the learned fear and expand their minds in so many ways. Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants in Manhattan, NY, offers public speaking workshops, public speaking classes and more to help youths develop their voices.

Some young people are shy, and that naturally inhibits effective communication. Others actually over talk, causing problems if they want to make a quick and decisive impact on their audience. Understanding that traditional methods of coaxing children and teens to speak more confidently don’t always work, Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants employs innovative techniques to give both children and teens the skills to transform their thoughts into coherent and persuasive speeches.

When good speaking habits are developed early on, the following goals can be achieved:

Increased Self-Esteem: A child who can express his or her thoughts clearly is a child who can rely on him or herself.

Increased Thought Organization: One intimidating factor may be that the young person has so much to say. Constructive skill building with Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants will help the child learn how to order his or her ideas into a compelling presentation.

Increased Interpersonal Skills: If a young person learns early on how to express his or her ideas with clarity, he or she will develop effective interpersonal skills sooner rather than later. These children will know how to translate wish into goal into realistic expectation, and will be able to share their hopes and concerns with peers.

The younger the child, the more open he or she will be to new ideas and new experiences. If you would like to enroll your child in in public speaking lessons, communication classes or speech coaching, Embodied Minds: Public Speaking Consultants offers the instruction to help him or her succeed.

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