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A Guide to the Pros and Cons of Key Fobs & Keyless Ignitions July 20, 2020

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A Guide to the Pros and Cons of Key Fobs & Keyless Ignitions, Norwood, Ohio

When you’re shopping for a new or used vehicle, it’s smart to investigate features and alarms that’ll keep you safe. Because of the possibility of harm, keyless entry vehicles should give drivers a warning if they leave a car turned on while the engine is still active. Before you make a new car purchase, consider the guide below on why you should review the owner’s manual on how to operate the car in emergency situations, and test the warning system for all the alerts the car should sound.

How Does a Key Fob Work?

In essence, a key fob is a transmitter. In addition to facilitating keyless entry into a car, a fob sends a unique signal to a receiver in your vehicle’s computer when you press the “start engine,” button. For additional safety, a car must be in “park,” with a foot on the brake for the ignition to turn over.

What Are the Pros & Cons?

The Pros

keyless entryKeyless ignition systems, which let drivers start-up cars from inside their homes, are a luxury on wintery days since you can start your vehicle while inside your warm home. They also make theft more difficult because a car’s computer recognizes only the owner’s unique fob. Manufacturers have developed different solutions for protecting drivers from potential dangers of exiting a vehicle with a keyless fob while the engine is idling. For example, an alarm may sound, or an engine may automatically shut down if a car is left idling for too long.

The Cons

Although they give drivers the convenience of starting their cars remotely, fobs are more expensive to replace than a traditional car key. In addition, inattentive drivers risk carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning if they inadvertently exit their cars while the engine is still running. 

Since there’s no key to disengage from an ignition, it’s particularly easy to walk away from a hybrid that’s not shut off, which uses unnecessary amounts of gasoline, requiring you to spend money on more frequent refuels. This can easily happen since, when parked in electric mode, a hybrid engine is silent and can possibly switch from the battery to the fuel tank. Also, if a battery-powered fob loses power, a driver may be stuck where they’re located, unless they know how to override the ignition system or locate the manufacturer-provided hidden hard key.


Contact the highly rated and award-winning A.B. Bonded Locksmiths if you’re stranded because of a lockout or trouble with remote keyless entry. They’re mobile and use modern locksmithing methods, so you can count on them whether you operate a car with a traditional set of keys or a fob. With service locations across Greater Cincinnati, OH, they’ll speedily and efficiently come to your rescue if you need an emergency ignition repair, or a key or fob replacement. Visit them online to learn about their comprehensive automotive services, or call (513) 531-5552 to get roadside assistance.

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