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Why Re-Stripe Your Parking Lot? June 8, 2020

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Why Re-Stripe Your Parking Lot?, 9, Tennessee

If you own or manage a business, it’s important that you maintain the building’s exterior and outdoor areas. Clearly marked parking lots will help your customers navigate the area and prevent potential problems that could result in safety issues or loss of business. Below, you’ll learn more about the benefits of re-striping the pavement.

4 Perks of Parking Lot Re-Striping 

1. Comply With ADA Regulations 

pavementAccording to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you must provide an adequate number of accessible parking spots in accordance with your building’s maximum occupancy. A pavement contractor will determine how many handicapped spots you need and re-stripe them to make them clear. 

2. Improve Aesthetics 

The curb appeal of your commercial property plays an integral role in drawing customers and repeat business. Faded parking lot lines make your business look less visually appealing and could give the impression that you don’t prioritize customer safety. Re-stripe the lot to boost aesthetics and make a good impression. 

3. Prevent Accidents & Injuries 

Parking lot stripes do more than demarcate spaces for vehicles. They also provide direction on which way to go and where to stop or yield. Prevent potential accidents and collisions by re-striping your parking lot to encourage safe navigation, prevent injuries, and avoid liabilities.

4. Create More Spaces

The spacing of your parking lot stripes may limit the number of patrons who can park and enter your business. A pavement contractor will reassess the lot and re-stripe it to include as many more spaces as possible, which will potentially draw more patrons.


Enjoy the practical and aesthetic advantages of parking lot re-striping with services from Bennett Paving LLC. This pavement contractor offers asphalt paving, seal coating, repairs, and resurfacing to businesses throughout Cookeville, TN. Call (931) 858-4596 to schedule parking lot re-striping and request an estimate. Visit their website to learn more about how they can keep your paved surfaces smooth and attractive. 

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