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A Guide to Getting a Food Truck Permit in NYC June 4, 2020

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
A Guide to Getting a Food Truck Permit in NYC, Brooklyn, New York

Mobile food trucks are an integral part of the New York City dining industry, as they can be found on just about any street at any time during the day. Since there are so many trucks selling different kinds of food to over eight million people in the city, they must be regulated to keep track of food safety and taxes. If you are considering opening up a mobile food truck business, here is a guide to help you start the permit process.

How to Get a Food Truck Permit in NYC

What Is a Food Truck Permit?

Mobile Food TrucksA food truck permit, or the Mobile Food Vendor Personal License, refers to a photo ID badge that is placed in a visible area for customers to see. It allows truck or cart owners to prepare and sell food on the street in New York City.

A vendor can obtain a full term license, which is valid for two years, or a seasonal license that begins on April 1st and expires on October 31st every year. Despite the differing expiration dates, the application requirements are the same for each license type. 

Why Do You Need a Food Truck Permit?

When it comes to operating a food truck, you will need a few employees to take orders and cook food. Getting a permit allows you to lawfully hire them and helps the IRS withhold taxes.

By requiring that each food truck gets a permit to operate, the Department of Health also ensures that each vendor is following important hygiene protocol. During the application process, vendors must pass courses in food protection and handling.

How Can You Get a Food Truck Permit?

Before you can obtain the Mobile Food Vendor Personal License in New York City, you must gather all the necessary application documents and information. These include a valid driver's license or government ID, your Social Security number, and proof of your home address. You also need a New York State Certificate of Authority to Collect Sales Tax in order to sign up for the food protection course needed for the permit.

After passing this class, you will be given a certificate of completion that can be submitted with your application. After gathering the necessary materials, you can submit the application and payment in person at the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. They will review the application and send you a license within three weeks.


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