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3 Tips for Writing an Effective Sympathy Card May 18, 2020

Canandaigua, Ontario
3 Tips for Writing an Effective Sympathy Card, Canandaigua, New York

Watching a loved one struggle with grief can be difficult. As they go through the motions of making arrangements and planning a funeral, you might be seeking a way to show them you care. Writing a sympathy card is the perfect option, and the following guide offers a few effective tips to help you get started. 

How to Write a Memorable Sympathy Card

1. Start With Condolences

The purpose of a sympathy card is to let the recipient know how sorry you are for their loss. Waiting to offer your condolences until the middle or end of your note could come across as though you’re trying to avoid mentioning what is going on. Instead, get right to the point in the beginning to make it clear you’re comfortable being there for them.

2. Add a Touch of Personality

funeralAdding some personality doesn’t necessarily mean you should try to add a joke in the sympathy card. This might come across as insensitive.

Instead, add some personal anecdotes to give the note more meaning. If you were close with the departed, talk about your favorite memories with them. If you weren’t, focus on your relationship with the recipient. Discuss past issues you got through together to remind them you’ll be there for them this time, too. 

3. Let Them Know You’re There to Help

An effective sympathy card is specific and clear, so try to avoid generic phrases such as “I’m here if you need me.” Instead, offer specific examples of how you’re willing to help the recipient.

For example, you can offer to accompany them to the funeral if they need moral support. You can also offer to take them out to lunch should they ever need to get out of the house. 



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