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3 Reasons to Install a Glass Railing July 25, 2020

Spring Valley, Rockland County
3 Reasons to Install a Glass Railing, Spring Valley, New York

If you’re looking for a way to update your home, consider glass installation to create a unique railing. These stylish features can border stairwells, lofts, or decks inside or outside the home. Below are a few reasons to consider putting a glass railing in your house.

Why Should You Install a Glass Railing?

1. Promote Safety

Glass railings use durable materials that prevent people from falling. This durability does not sacrifice the view, and you can choose clear glass installation to let light in and make it easy to see below. 

Families with children choose this material because they can see what the kids are doing from below. Plus, the little ones won’t be able to climb the railing, as it doesn’t have foot- and hand-holds.

2. Appearance

glass installationThere are hundreds of styles to choose from before a glass installation. Select clear or frosted panes, or consider colored options to add variety.

Railing posts range from natural hardwood logs for cozy, traditional homes and dark metal spires for modern architecture. Consider using a patterned glass for exterior railings to ensure passing birds can see that there is a barrier and prevent them from running into the glass.

3. Easy Cleanup

You’ll never have to spend hours repainting each railing spindle if you choose glass installation. This material never fades in the sun, and only requires occasional soap and water to keep it looking great. You can use a glass cleaning solution to wipe up handprints or scuffs.



If you’re ready to install a glass railing, the team at Monsey Glass Co. in Rockland County, NY, will provide beautiful options to choose from. The custom glass company has treated its customers like family for nearly 50 years. Call (845) 352-2200 or visit their website for information on their glass replacement, installation, and repair services.

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