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Tiny World Child Care Can't Wait to Teach Kids About Thanksgiving & Traditions around the World November 19, 2015

Washington Square, Brookline
Tiny World Child Care Can't Wait to Teach Kids About Thanksgiving & Traditions around the World, Brookline, Massachusetts

Tiny World Child Care in Brookline, MA, brings so much more to the table than just excellent child care. The compassionate staff at Tiny World Child Care specializes in early childhood education and is excited to teach kids about Thanksgiving and other holidays that are celebrated around the world. The teachers here expose their little ones to different cultures, even at a young age. 

The experienced teachers at Tiny World Child Care offer programs for infants all the way up to children in pre-K. For the older children, they offer a variety of learning opportunities from seasonal activities to Spanish class.

This month Tiny World Toddler, Pre-school and Pre-K teachers will teach their children about Thanksgiving and other traditions people celebrate all over the world. The curriculum is set so TW kids learn a typical tradition about a different country every day. To be more specific TW children  have had the joy of eating Colombian potatoes, a traditional Korean dish, and delicious challa. They have also enjoyed making origami and learning some Brazilian martial arts   "Capoeira" movements and dancing to the wonderful tunes of the Colombian "Cumbia ." 

Each classroom has asked parents to share something about their origins whether a typical musical instrument, dance, clothing, etc. Our Preschool classroom has now had the joy of celebrating their "6th Annual Preschool Potluck" where parents bring in a traditional dish for the children to share.  The day before Thanksgiving Tiny World kids will share what they are thankful before enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving meal with their friends and teachers. 


And who said Tiny World  infants aren't having fun this month as well? This month they are also  focusing on Thanksgiving and family where  they are practicing there usual "ma" and "da", making hand print turkeys, and so much more.  

In addition to enriching activities right at the day care center, the staff at Tiny World Day Care also provides field trips for the older children. These outings are a great way for the kids to be exposed to new ways of learning about the holidays that happen in their own backyard and across the globe. Tiny World Day Care always caters to every student's unique way of learning and welcomes his or her inquisitive nature and desire to receive an education.

For more information on the early childhood programs offered at Tiny World Day Care, call (617) 232-0115. To get a comprehensive overview of all the different care services offered at the day care, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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