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Add a Prayer Request to The Prayer Board at Abiding Love's Interdenominational Church November 24, 2015

Foley, Baldwin
Add a Prayer Request to The Prayer Board at Abiding Love's Interdenominational Church, Foley, Alabama

Abiding Love is a Christian worship community and interdenominational church serving the Foley, Alabama, area. They know firsthand the power of prayer in our increasingly fragile modern world, and they offer prayer services to all who are seeking spiritual support. Through their website, you are invited to submit a prayer request so the Abiding Love congregation can uplift you or a loved one during a challenging time.

Here's how to submit a prayer to Abiding Love's online prayer board: 

  • Visit The Abiding Love  Homepage: On the left-hand side of the homepage, you will see a menu of options. Select "Prayer Board" to be taken to the online prayer message board.
  • Choose The Section That Suits Your Needs: "Prayer Needs" and "Prayer Praises" are the two choices available to you. "Prayer Needs" is the place to post your requests for prayers, and "Prayer Praises" is a joyous discussion of the ways in which your prayers were answered. By selecting "Prayer Needs," you will be taken to a list of prayer requests.
  • Post A New Topic: Above the board on the right-hand side, you will see an icon that reads "New Topic." Click here to go to the online prayer form. You will be asked to enter your name (just a first name or nickname is fine), the topic of your prayer, and a brief description of your prayer. You can then add a detailed description, complete with rich-text options including a variety of fonts and stylistic enhancements.
  • Verify & Post: Before you submit your prayer, you'll need to enter the series of letters and numbers that appear in the verification image below the description box. This simply verifies that you are a real person and not a "bot." Then, click on "Post Topic," and your prayer will be posted and sent out to the Abiding Love community!

Visit Abiding Love online or call them at (251) 943-1615 to get more information on their full calendar of Christian activities. They warmly invite you to become a part of their diverse family and learn how to carry Christ's love with you out into the world. At Abiding Love, their motto, "Love lives here," is far more than just a slogan: it's a way of life. You can also follow the Foley interdenominational church on Facebook.

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