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3 Myths About Water Jetting Debunked June 16, 2020

Norwalk, Fairfield County
3 Myths About Water Jetting Debunked, Norwalk, Connecticut

When your bathtub or kitchen sink doesn’t drain, plumbing clogs can turn from inconveniences to serious disruptions in your daily routine. When plunging and snaking prove futile, techniques like water jetting can restore normalcy to your household. However, some misconceptions about this method may prevent you from seeking it out. To learn the truth behind these myths, take a look at the guide below.

3 Misconceptions About Water Jetting Set Straight

1. Water Jetting Uses Excessive Force to Pierce Clogs

While water jetting equipment can reach high levels of pressure, it can be modified to fit your plumbing needs. For example, for mild clogs caused by solidified cooking grease, your plumbing technicians can use a gentle setting, closer to 15 pounds per square inch (psi).

For tougher clogs, like tree roots, they can raise the setting to a powerful 40 psi. This adaptability is also helpful if you have older pipes that require a softer touch. 

2. The Machinery Is Messy & Noisy 

water jettingAs powerful as water jetting equipment may be, your plumbing technician will take precautions to ensure it doesn’t disrupt or damage your household.

For example, they may clear sensitive objects out of the way, and use specialty shields to prevent misting and spraying inside your home. Best of all, this machinery is so effective that it will only take seconds to cut through the average clog.

3. One Jet Can Tackle All Jobs

Many plumbing companies can also modify their water jetting equipment to meet your needs. For example, the size of the grit at the end of the water jet will determine how fast it works, and how small of a space it can access. For smaller pipes, your plumbing technician may use a finer mesh grade for added precision.



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