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Why You Need to Clean Your Dryer's Lint Filter May 19, 2020

South Hills, Covington
Why You Need to Clean Your Dryer's Lint Filter, Covington, Kentucky

Emptying the dryer’s lint trap while doing the laundry is a task that is often neglected. Forgetting to do this can lead to fires or unnecessary dryer repairs in extreme situations. Here are some more reasons why you should empty the trap and instructions on how to do it.

Why Is Cleaning the Lint Filter Important?

Excess lint is combustible, which means that it can cause a house fire if the dryer is left running unattended. About 2,900 fires caused by dryers are reported each year, causing five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property damage. The chief reason for these fires is failure to clean the dryer’s lint filter.

Too much lint in the trap also puts extra stress on your appliance. When the screen is clogged, the machine has to work harder to get the clothes dry. This can lead to extra dryer repairs and a shorter device life span. In addition, your energy bills will increase if you leave lint in the filter since it will take more time to dry clothes.

How Should You Clean the Lint Filter?

dryer repairIf you’ve never cleaned your dryer’s lint filter before, find it. Three places to check are directly inside the door, on the back wall, or on the top right corner near the control panel. If you notice any issues because the trap hasn’t been cleaned for some time, call a dryer repair service.

After you dry each load or before you start a new one, remove the lint from the trap with your fingers and throw it away. If you notice buildup on the screen, it’s probably residue from dryer sheets. Soak the trap in hot water and dish soap then scrub it with a soft brush. Once it dries, return it to the dryer.


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