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4 Benefits of Flat Roofing June 10, 2020

Clarksville, Howard
4 Benefits of Flat Roofing, Clarksville, Maryland

A roof is designed to provide a durable barrier against weather exposure and leaks. Flat roofing offers a number of advantages that will give you that much-needed protection and long-term reliability. Here are several benefits of this popular style.

What Are the Perks of Flat Roofing?

1. Easy Installation & Maintenance 

Flat roofing is typically fast to install because there aren’t any slopes and other angles to configure. You won’t have to leave your home for as long during the installation. Regarding maintenance, removing leaves and performing other routine tasks is relatively easy because the roof’s smooth surface makes it more accessible.

2. Cost-Efficiency

A flat roof is also budget-friendly. Flat roof insulation boards are often competitively priced, which frees up costs for other structures, such as the gutter system. A quicker installation also makes flat roofing cost-efficient because there is less labor involved. 

3. Space Flexibility

roofingFrom air conditioning units to solar panels, flat roofing also offers room for other uses. Depending on the roof’s foundational support, you can also utilize the area as a deck or patio for entertaining. If ground landscaping is limited, you can put a garden or other green space on the roof. 

4. Indoor Room Options

If you’ve ever wanted to add an attic or other space to your home, flat roofing provides that choice. You can have the additional indoor room because flat roofs don’t require sloped walls. If your home needs more storage room, this is an excellent choice. 


Flat roofing offers several amazing benefits for homes and office buildings. For nearly 40 years, Marshall’s Contracting in Fulton, MD, has provided top-quality services to Howard, Carroll, Frederick, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery counties. The licensed, bonded, and insured roofer has extensive installation experience using state-of-the-art materials and techniques. To learn more about flat roofing and get a free quote, call (410) 406-7667. Visit their website to view their services. 

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