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4 Factors to Consider When Designing a Custom Kitchen July 27, 2020

Greenburgh, Westchester
4 Factors to Consider When Designing a Custom Kitchen, Greenburgh, New York

The kitchen is the hub of life, as it's a place to prepare meals, gather, and eat. Since it's one of the most-used rooms in the house, it's easy to see why this area is often a top priority for home improvement projects. If you're about to make your first foray into custom kitchen design, there are a few factors you'll want to keep in mind to ensure the most functional and aesthetically pleasing result.

What Factors Are Crucial for Custom Kitchen Design?

1. Usage

First, consider how you'll use the space. Do you love to cook and bake, or do you prefer to spend minimal time on food prep? Do your kids or guests like to gather in the kitchen? These questions will help you determine your priorities and how to organize the space best. For instance, if you love to entertain or involve your little ones in meal-making, a kitchen island might be helpful to increase seating and prep space. Likewise, you may want scratch and stain-resistant countertops if you have kids or are a frequent cook.

2. Layout

kitchen designOnce you know how you'll use the kitchen, consider arranging clusters for different purposes. For example, you might want a good deal of empty counter space right next to the stove for food prep, with a sink close by for easy clean-up. You may also want the refrigerator near the pantry to make it easy to take inventory and gather ingredients. Finally, make sure the cabinet and appliance doors can open without obstructions.

3. Storage

Ample storage can help you keep your kitchen clean and organized. Think outside the box to maximize space, especially if your kitchen is on the smaller side. For instance, vertical cabinets and shelving and cabinets below sinks and kitchen islands can make the most of valuable square footage. You may also want open or glass shelving to display fine dishes or liquors.

4. Construction Quality

Kitchen remodeling is an investment. Choose quality materials and well-constructed products, as these will last longer than their poorly made counterparts. High-quality items can also enhance functionality as well as aesthetics. For example, custom cabinets can be made to suit your needs with features such as lazy Susans or pull-out shelving. Custom cabinets and countertops can also add value to your home, which is a perk if you decide to sell later.


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