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4 FAQ Before Hiring Heavy Hauling Services June 10, 2020

Victor, Ontario
4 FAQ Before Hiring Heavy Hauling Services, Victor, New York

Hauling heavy, oversized loads on the highway is no easy feat. That’s why businesses in need of heavy hauling services must perform their due diligence before selecting a trucking company for the task. Here’s some information to get to ensure that you make the best possible decision. 

What to Ask a Heavy Hauler Trucking Company

Are you licensed and bonded?

Being licensed means a trucking company will be privy to the necessary knowledge and techniques necessary for hauling heavy, oversized items. It also means the company is more likely to adhere to proper guidelines and safety measures. Bonding is a type of insurance that can protect you in the event of a financial loss.

What is your turnaround time?

Despite the complications associated with hauling heavy items, you want to rest assured of reasonable turnaround time. The hauler you work with should be able to provide a timeline, with evidence to back up the claim. Be wary of a company that promises an unreasonably short turnaround time, as the speediness of the delivery could compromise its quality. 

Do you have the manpower and equipment to handle the delivery? 

TruckingA company should be able to provide information on past deliveries, which should be comparable to what you’re requesting. It should also be able to explain the type of equipment used, including trucks and devices needed to secure loads to trailers. The more information on capability you receive, you’ll have a better idea if they are able to safely make the delivery. 

Who can I contact if there are any problems?

Even a well-planned delivery may experience issues along the way. There should be a point person, in this case, who will be able to answer questions and provide updates on any problems that pop up. Having someone to contact at the hauling company can ensure that issues are dealt with promptly. 


If you need to hire a heavy hauling trucking service, contact Victor Enterprises in Ontario County, NY. This company is licensed and bonded and has the equipment to get the job done right, with trailers capable of hauling up to 60 tons. They have a proven track record of making timely deliveries in a safe and secure manner. Learn more about their hauling services online or call (585) 742-2232 for more information. 

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