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Tips to Find the Best Home Insurance in Staten Island November 25, 2015

Staten Island, New York City, NY
Tips to Find the Best Home Insurance in Staten Island, Staten Island, New York

For more than 15 years, Midland Insurance Agency in Staten Island, NY, has been helping New Yorkers get the best home insurance available at the lowest rates possible. If you’re shopping for homeowners coverage, you may feel overwhelmed by everything that’s involved with choosing the right home insurance policy, as many Staten Islanders do.

Based on its years of experience helping people find the homeowners coverage they need, Midland Insurance Agency offers the following tips to make the process of choosing a home insurance policy easier for you:

  • Conduct Research: When you buy home insurance, you’re purchasing more than a contract that will protect your financial interests in the event that a disaster occurs. You’re also buying a relationship with your insurance provider, a relationship that you’ll need to rely on if something happens to your home. For that reason, it’s critical that you thoroughly research the insurance companies you solicit quotes from to ensure that they offer stellar customer service and process claims quickly.

  • Investigate Discounts: Many insurance companies offer discounts if you hold more than one insurance policy with the same carrier. Ask your insurance company if you’ll qualify for a discounted premium if you insure your car and home with them. By having multiple policies with the same carrier, your home insurance premium may drop by up to 15%. Your premium might be lowered even further if you install a home security or fire suppression system.
  • Compare Insurance Quotes: Once you receive quotes from the insurance companies you’ve researched and feel comfortable with, compare them to find the best, most affordable homeowners coverage. More specifically, compare the policies and identify the one that has the highest level of coverage against the greatest number of threats to your home for the lowest premium. Be sure to compare the deductibles in the policies, too, to make sure you won’t have to pay more out of pocket than you can afford if an event damages or destroys your residence.

As an independent agency that works with multiple nationally recognized insurance carriers, Midland Insurance Agency will do the research necessary to get you the homeowners coverage you need to protect your most valuable asset: your home. They’ll get you the broadest coverage with the lowest deductible possible at an affordable price by taking advantage of every discount you’re eligible for.

Contact Midland Insurance Agency in Staten Island, NY, to discuss your home insurance needs. Dial (347) 705-7912 to get your free insurance quote today.