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3 Catering Tips for a Kids' Party June 16, 2020

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Catering Tips for a Kids' Party, Hilo, Hawaii

When ordering catering from your favorite restaurant for a kids’ party, several factors will affect which foods you order. In addition to knowing how many children will be attending, you’ll also have to take their individual tastes and dietary requirements into consideration. This guide will help you pinpoint areas of concern to plan a better party.

How to Cater a Kids’ Party

1. Choose the Best Time

If the event starts near lunchtime, be aware that parents will assume you plan to serve lunch. When you want to avoid serving a full meal, plan your event for earlier in the morning or later in the mid-afternoon. At these times, you can serve snacks that children can pick at throughout the party.

2. Choose Age-Appropriate Foods

Older children have more developed palates and can likely eat what adults enjoy. However, a party for younger children and toddlers should involve more bite-size finger foods, so they don’t need to struggle with utensils. 

CateringFinger foods can also double as snacks or full meals when you choose options like fried chicken or shrimp tempura with malasadas for dessert. Active children in a party setting aren’t likely to sit still for long, so foods they can grab on the go will be more popular.

3. Ask for Dietary Restrictions

When you send out invitations, ask parents to write down dietary restrictions for their kids with their RSVPs. This should include allergies and any foods the child won’t eat. If the parents prefer their children not to eat certain foods, such as sugary treats, that can be included as well. You can use this information to create an enticing menu that will meet every guest’s needs.


When catering a children’s party in Hilo, HI, offer a selection of Japanese, Hawaiian, and Filipino foods from Kawamoto Store. With over 70 years of experience, they specialize in okazuya-style foods and bento boxes perfect for a kid-friendly spread. To view their menu, visit them online. To request catering services, call them at (808) 935-8209.

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