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4 Signs Of Car Exhaust System Problems June 12, 2020

Twin, Ross
4 Signs Of Car Exhaust System Problems, Twin, Ohio

Your car’s exhaust system consists of connecting pipes and chambers that link the engine to the tailpipe. It features a few significant parts, including the catalytic converter, which converts toxic carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water vapor, as well as the muffler that dampens engine noises. Below are a few indications that your exhaust system needs auto repair services.

When Do You Need Auto Repairs for Your Exhaust System?

1. Decreased Gas Mileage

Lowered fuel economy is a sign of several problems, including those concerning your exhaust system. For example, if the system’s oxygen sensor is failing, it sends incorrect information to the car’s computer regarding the air-fuel mixture, causing the engine to use more fuel. Exhaust system leaks also increase fuel usage, as the air will leak out before mixing with the fuel.

2. Gas Fumes

auto repairWhen there’s a leak in the exhaust system from rust or other damage, noxious gas fumes enter the cabin. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms include dizziness, confusion, and nausea, all of which make driving more dangerous. While carbon monoxide has no odor, you can spot this issue if you smell burning gasoline inside the cabin of the vehicle. Toxic fumes also enter the atmosphere, causing environmental harm.

3. Vibrations

The exhaust system runs alongside your car’s frame, so any loose or rusted part can bang against the frame to create vibrations when you drive. Hangers that keep the catalytic converter and exhaust manifold in place are usually the cause of this vibration. If you do not get auto repairs immediately, you risk knocking these pieces to the ground and ruining them.

4. Loose Exhaust Pipe

An exhaust pipe can break from driving over a pothole or general wear and tear, causing it to drag on the ground. The tube not only sustains more damage if it drags when you drive, but it can also break off and become a hazard to fellow drivers. This can also lead to exhaust leaks, depending on the section of pipe that breaks.


If you suspect an exhaust system issue, schedule auto repairs with Top Quality Auto Parts & Accessories Inc. Serving drivers throughout Ross County, OH, and the surrounding areas since 1990, this auto repair center is conveniently located on Highway 50 and offers shuttle services to customers whose vehicles are in the shop. Call (740) 775-8111 to make an appointment. Learn more about their auto repair services online. Get additional auto maintenance tips on Facebook.

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