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4 Glass Tabletop Care Tips July 19, 2020

Spring Valley, Rockland County
4 Glass Tabletop Care Tips, Spring Valley, New York

Whether it’s standard or custom glass, you want your glass tabletop to continue looking great for years. The slightest scratch or buildup can become a major eyesore, which is why it’s important to stick to a proven cleaning schedule. This, along with preventive steps, will keep the glass looking clear and streak-free.

How to Care for a Glass Tabletop

1. Use Glass-Friendly Cleaners

custom glassHarsh chemical cleaners or textured cloths can damage glass, so stick to approved cleaning products and tools. Most items listed as “glass-safe” on the store shelves will work, and you can also make your own.

Mix a half cup of white vinegar, 4 cups of warm water, a half cup of rubbing alcohol, and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch. This household cleaner, along with a microfiber cloth, is enough to tackle all basic glass-cleaning needs.

2. Minimize What Goes On It

Hard objects on your glass tabletop have the potential to scratch it, so cut down what you place on it. Consider keeping media controls, vases, and trinkets on side tables in the living room rather than on the table. Move houseplants to a window sill, and make sure children know to never play on or around the table.

3. Lay Down a Runner

If your custom glass tabletop gets a lot of use, you may want to place a runner to reduce the amount of exposed glass. Many owners do this for kitchen or dining tables or a large living room table.

Choose a decorative cloth that matches other décor or a thin, translucent fabric if you want something less invasive. Consider also placing a tablecloth during large dinners.

4. Add Rubber Bumpers

Many homeowners forget about protecting the underside of their custom glass table. If the glass is drawn across the exposed table frame, it can scratch beneath. Apply rubber bumpers to the glass where it touches the table frame. These will protect it and also keep the glass tabletop in place better.



If you end up needing repairs or glass replacement, Mosey Glass of Spring Valley, NY, has you covered. Customers in the area count on them for their custom glass, window replacement, and glass installation services. They provide stunning results for residential and commercial clients, and you can explore a full breakdown of services online. Call (845) 352-2200 to speak with a representative.

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