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3 Ways to Help Your Dog Adjust After Your Move June 3, 2020

3 Ways to Help Your Dog Adjust After Your Move , Orange Beach, Alabama

After the household movers unload the last box, you’ll be ready for a fresh start in your new home, but your canine companion might feel differently. A dog’s reaction to moving depends on factors including their age, temperament, and attachment to the previous home. Here are some steps you can take to make the transition a lot easier.

How to Get Your Dog Used to Your New Home

1. Provide Pre-Move Exposure

Preparing your dog for living in a new environment starts before the household movers arrive. Let your pooch see you gathering household belongings, including theirs, as you get ready for the move.

Pack a few boxes while your canine companion watches and reward them with a treat for their good behavior. Showing them what you’re doing sends a signal that the whole family is planning to leave—including pups.

2. Explore the New Home Together

household moversWalk with your dog through each room of the house so they can explore all the new sights and scents safely. You might want to keep them on a leash to prevent them from chewing or urinating on items as they investigate or attempt to mark their territory. Be sure to show them where to sleep and eat, and take a nice stroll around the property so they’ll see their new bathroom area.

3. Maintain Familiar Things After Arriving

You might want new furnishings when you move, but retaining your pet’s favorite items will help them adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. Dogs that have lived in the same home for years may find it disorienting if everything is new. Pack up your pet’s bed and favorite toys—without washing them—and put them in the new home to create a familiar space that encourages your dog to relax.  


Whether you and your dog are moving within Alabama or across the country, seek help from the household movers at Sam Hollis & Sons Moving & Storage. As an Alabama business operating for more than 40 years, these professional movers have earned a reputation for packing and delivering household property safely and on time. To schedule a moving day with the team in Foley or Orange Beach, call (251) 943-6021. Explore their moving services online.

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