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What Are the Benefits of Natural Light Exposure? June 5, 2020

Grant, Lancaster
What Are the Benefits of Natural Light Exposure?, Grant, Nebraska

Most of us spend the majority of each day indoors under fluorescent lights at work or on the couch at home. If you’re tired of spending so much time indoors, renovating your landscaping can give you a beautiful place to soak up the sun. Not only will you enjoy the change of scenery, but natural light can also help improve your health and your mental well-being.

3 Benefits of Natural Light

1. Getting Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a critical nutrient that supports strong bones, promotes heart health, and may help prevent several types of cancers. While you can get some vitamin D from food, the sun is actually the best source. When sunlight hits your skin, your body actually uses the energy to metabolize Vitamin D from cholesterol, so spending some time outside is one of the best things you can do for your health.

2. Preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder

landscaping-Lincoln, NEFor millions of people, lack of sunlight can trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a serious disorder that usually strikes in the winter. However, you might also suffer from SAD even in the height of summer if you spend all your time indoors. Just a few minutes a day in the sunshine can keep seasonal depression at bay and stabilize your mental health.

3. Improving Sleep

A good night’s sleep impacts almost every aspect of your health, from stabilizing your mood to reducing your cancer risk. Some studies have revealed a link between exposure to natural light and overall sleep quality, so spending part of your day out in the sun can have benefits that spread throughout your entire life.


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