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5 Factors to Consider When Picking a Vehicle for Your Teenager June 10, 2020

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5 Factors to Consider When Picking a Vehicle for Your Teenager, Barron, Wisconsin

Buying a car is always a significant decision. However, if you’re a parent shopping for your recently licensed teenager, making this choice could be even more challenging. After all, you want to provide your child with a vehicle that’s safe and easy to use. At the same, you probably want to make a practical purchase that won’t break your budget. To take some stress out of this selection, here are five factors you should consider before taking your teen driver to the car dealership.

How to Choose a Car for Your New Teen Driver

1. Condition

While a used car is much cheaper than a new one, it might have hidden problems that could cause repair and safety issues in the future. That’s why you should purchase from trustworthy dealers that only sell fully inspected, certified pre-owned vehicles. For even more reassurance, buy the vehicle from a car dealership that offers solid warranties.

2. Safety Features

car dealershipDue to their lack of experience behind the wheel, young drivers often benefit from having a vehicle with comprehensive safety features.

In addition to ensuring all seat belts and air bags are operable, consider a car that offers a backup camera, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), lane-keeping assistance, and other advanced safety tools.

3. Size

If a car is too small, your child may not have enough power to handle freeway driving with confidence. By contrast, vehicles that are too large may be cumbersome to operate.

New drivers are often suited to midsize or compact cars. These auto body types offer reliable performance but are still easy to maneuver.

4. Familiarity

Choose a vehicle that’s similar to the one your teen practiced driving on so they have more familiarity with how to control it on the road. For example, if your child practiced with an automatic transmission, avoid getting them a car with a manual transmission.

5. Fuel Efficiency

Next to auto insurance premiums, gas is one of the most costly expenses that drivers face. If you want to help your teen save money, look into buying a car that offers exceptional fuel efficiency.


Finding a car that’s teen-friendly is easy when you shop at Swant Graber Motors. As a respected new and used car dealership in Barron, WI, this auto retailer will introduce you to a wide range of safe, efficient, and high-performing vehicles—including those from Dodge®, Ford®, and Chevrolet®. Always putting the customer first, this friendly team will select options that fit your child’s needs, as well as match your budget. Visit this dealer online to browse their current inventory. For questions about current deals or convenient vehicle delivery services, call (715) 537-5657.

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