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4 Common Causes of Foundation Cracks June 2, 2020

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4 Common Causes of Foundation Cracks , Cookeville, Tennessee

Cracks in the foundation are a sign that the original concrete has begun to degrade and needs repair. Concrete companies advise homeowners that it’s important to repair cracks in the foundation quickly so that they don’t expand. Here are some of the causes to watch out for so that you can keep your home’s base in top condition.  

What Causes Cracks in the Foundation?

1. Drought 

During droughts, when moisture is removed from the soil, it shrinks away from the foundation, creating a gap. This space allows the foundation to move because it’s no longer supported properly. As a result, cracks form, which can cause problems with basement waterproofing and water damage if left unaddressed. 

2. Earthquakes & Seismic Activity

concrete companyEarthquakes cause the ground to shake from moving tectonic plates, which can damage your home. If the foundation becomes improperly supported or unstable from seismic activity, it can weaken and crack. If you experience a small earthquake, it will exacerbate existing cracks and weaknesses, calling for professional foundation repairs by a concrete company.

3. Storms & Flooding 

Heavy rainfall and flooding produce a lot of water that soaks into the soil, causing it to expand. This forces the saturated soil to push against the home’s foundation, creating cracks in the concrete. No matter what season it is, excess moisture from inadequate drainage will always put increased hydrostatic pressure on the foundation, encouraging leaks and cracks to form. 

4. Plumbing Leaks & Improper Drainage

If you have plumbing leaks in your home, it’s important to resolve them before they damage the foundation. The same is true for improper drainage with your gutter system and landscaping. If your gutters don’t properly drain water away from the foundation, or the grade of the land draws water towards your home, it will pool near your foundation and cause cracks. 


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