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A Guide to Medical Alert & Intercom Systems for the Elderly May 18, 2020

Rochester, Monroe
A Guide to Medical Alert & Intercom Systems for the Elderly, Rochester, New York

Technology is helpful when you provide care for a senior with mobility issues. For example, intercom systems allow your loved one to stay in constant contact with family members and visitors without risking accidents. Use this guide to better understand what types of devices make caretaking easier.

What Are the Benefits of Home Intercom Systems for Seniors?

An intercom system facilitates instant communication in the house. Your family member can call you the moment they need something instead of risking a long walk to look for you, which might involve climbing stairs or walking over slippery floors. Some communication devices are designed to be lightweight and portable, so a senior who falls can call for help with the press of a button.

Audio and video intercom systems also make it easier for someone with mobility issues to keep an eye on their front door. They can speak to visitors without leaving their location, which is convenient and comfortable.

What Communication Systems Are Helpful for Seniors?

intercom systemCarrier alert systems come in the form of wireless wristbands or pendants. Their small, lightweight designs allow the senior to easily call for help if they experience unusual symptoms. Medical monitoring devices may include built-in communication features to allow the user to speak with family or monitoring stations.

A hard-wired intercom outdoors allows seniors to invite guests in. If your loved one requires constant supervision, install products with audio and visual monitoring throughout the house to keep in contact with them from any room.


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