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3 Treats to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer August 1, 2020

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
3 Treats to Help You Beat the Heat This Summer, Kahului, Hawaii

On a hot summer day, a cold, refreshing dessert will brighten your spirits and satisfy your craving for something sweet. Filipino food is popular in Hawaii, and you may be wondering which treats will help you cool off. Here are three tasty options to help you beat the heat when the temperature rises.

What to Eat to Stay Cool This Summer

1. Fruit Smoothies

If you love juicy fruits bursting with flavor, enjoy a combination of pureed berries, melons, and local pineapples in a delicious smoothie. To complement the fruity flavors, pair the beverage with tropical Filipino food dishes, like chicken papaya or mango with bittermelon.

2. Halo Halo

Filipino foodThis dessert is a popular Filipino food, and it’s typically served in a cup or bowl. Halo halo starts with layers of red beans, cocoa, and fresh fruit. Next, shaved ice is placed over the ingredients, then topped with evaporated milk, purple yam ice cream, and leche flan. The concoction is usually finished with a garnish of caramelized plantains and coconut strands.

3. Bubble Drinks

Bubble drinks, also known as boba, are typically made with a base of milk tea and contain big tapioca pearls. These chewy balls add their sugars to the tea, giving the drink a lot of sweetness and fun texture. If the flavor of the tea and bubbles are too sweet, offset the sugars by eating bread, like pandesal or Spanish rolls.


If you want to enjoy these delicious and refreshing treats, head to Plantation Grindz in Kahului, HI. This eatery specializes in Filipino food, serving up classics like halo halo, pinakbet, and pork adobo. View their full menu online, or call (808) 873-3663 to place a takeout order. Connect with the team on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated with the latest news and weekly specials.

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